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Is the HCG Diet a safe option?

Before you start on any fat loss program, the first, and most important, point of concern remains the same – is it safe? This question comes to the mind when you want to try out the HCG diet program as well. Only when you understand every aspect of the program would you be able to judge this for yourself.

Hcg diet safety

HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is present in very small quantities in the human body. Its level increases in pregnant women. Dr. ATW Simeons first discovered the use of this hormone for fat loss. Since then, many have utilized its benefits to reduce considerable amounts of fat.

This hormone signals the brain to use up stored fats in the body. Along with the use of this hormone, you need to follow a low calorie diet. The common format is tea or coffee (without sugar and with a little milk) for breakfast, a Melba toast, a veggie and 100 gm of chicken/lamb/pork/fish/any such protein for lunch and dinner, and a fruit for snack.

You are sure to hear a lot about HCG Diet Dangers – side effects like loss of energy, lack of focus, sleep deprivation, blood clots and so on. If you go through the diet regimen according to the advice of a doctor specializing in the program, you minimize any such distressing risks.

Only a doctor can assess your health condition and help you understand whether this diet would be a good option for you. Moreover, a doctor knows your specific requirements and formulates your diet program according to these needs. With medical supervision, it is possible to achieve desired results using this dietary program.

Many have chosen HCG diet for fat loss, and if you are eligible for it, it can yield results for you too. However, it is essential to consult a doctor before you start.

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