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Improving lifestyle and daily habits to find quick success in HCG program

When you are starting on a diet program, you try to gather as much information about it as possible – the specifications of what you can and cannot eat, what changes in your lifestyle are necessary, what things you need to avoid, and such other details. HCG dieters also try the same tactic.

Success with HCG Program

If you are starting out on this diet program, or are already on it, you would find that adopting certain daily habits and avoiding some others would help you achieve better results in lesser time. Here are a few quick tips that could come in handy when you want effective fat loss with the help of HCG.

1) Plan your diet menu for the week in advance. This gives you time to follow the exact guidelines set by your doctor.

2) Instead of going to the supermarket for grocery shopping, order organic food items online. This helps stay away from off-limit items.

3) Who said you couldn’t eat tasty food while on this diet? Buy a cookbook or ask for recipes from your fellow dieters on an online forum.

4) Choose healthy cooking methods – bake, grill, toast for better results.

5) Drink lots of water. Instead of calorie-rich drinks, choose flavored tea with a sweetener and a teaspoon of milk.

6) Use healthier seasoning options like salt and pepper, garlic, vinegar, mustard, and such others. Herbs, fresh and dried, are also a good choice.

7) Find a friend willing to go on the HCG diet with you. If this isn’t possible, join a forum of fellow dieters. It helps when you share your successes and failures.

8) Refrain from smoking and drinking.

9) Do light exercises to keep your body in good shape. Ask your doctor which exercises would suit your specific health condition.

10) Most importantly, track your progress. Make a chart the day you start on the diet. Note down your body stats – your weight, the inches, and so on. Note every change.

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