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Importance of physician support during HCG diet program

While on HCG diet, you need to maintain safe and effective routine processes. A number of diet rules and restrictions can puzzle you to any extreme. Moreover, patients need to monitor two essential factors – medications and exercises all the time. This indicates – people undergoing HCG diet program needs to be disciplined, methodical and selective.

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How many of the dieters can really cope up with the strict routine? Is it possible to remember each and every stage of treatment schedules? It’s difficult most of the times. If not managed properly, you may reach to the HCG diet plateau. This is most undesirable.

Here comes the importance of a first hand physician or a trainer. An associate physician can help you through out the program and practice.

Once you have signed in for HCG diet program for a fixed duration, say 6-8 weeks, you may consider a HCG physician for you. He or she will take you through all the HCG formulas and prescribed activities. Thus you will be able to monitor your weight loss improvement.

Let us see what kind of support services you may expect from a physician:

1. Helping you to understand the rationale of utilizing HCG diet

2. Discussing with you the essentials of safe weight loss method, mechanism of HCG

3. Evaluating and suggesting if you are a good candidate for HCG diet program

4. Ensuring that you maintain 500 calories per day (the bible of the diet program)

5. Explaining the physiological changes your body is going to face in coming days

6. Encouraging you to continue with HCG diet protocol

7. Supporting you emotionally throughout the program

8. Alerting you on possible side effects and other medications

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