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HCG Diet Reviews: Public Opinion about HCG Diet

Everywhere there seems to be discussions about HCG diet created by Dr. A.T.W. Siemons. Over weight people are amazed to see the effectiveness of HCG diet. Many people from all over the world has tried HCG diet and seen a remarkable difference. If you are wondering whether it is safe you can talk to some real HCG dieters to check what they feel about it.

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The topic is controversial and some people say HCG diet is not quite safe. But there is evident that it has done any harm to the dieters. Those who have suffered from any problem admit that they didn’t consult a doctor before giving it a try. If not followed properly HCG diet will give you no result. People who have followed the HCG diet protocol set by Dr. Simeons have got desired result.

HCG hormone is produced in the body of pregnant women. The amount of the hormone used in the diet is 125-200 IU. HCG diet programs are a combination of two things HCG injections and very low calorie diet (VLCD). When coupled with a 500 calorie / day diet HCG injection can help one to achieve their goal.

People from different places report says that after trying several ways, finally they have adopted the right weight loss method. The draw back with other methods is that once you stop following it you regain weight. But HCG diet program doesn’t have such draw backs. HCG dieters claim that when someone eats in the right way he or she is sure to get result within a short span of time.

HCG diet reviews also reveal that it doesn’t result in weakness, hunger pain or even sagging skin. While you are on HCG diet, your body learns to shed fat utilizing energy properly and your skin doesn’t lose elasticity since the muscle lines remain intact.

HCG diet is absolutely safe. However it is crucial to consult a doctor to ensure that you are not going in the wrong direction.

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