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Sharing triumphs and troubles with fellow dieters

What do you do when you feel elated? How do you cope with setbacks? Majority of individuals like to share these feelings with others; after all – joy doubles up and grief lessens when you share it! The same happens to people on the HCG Diet. They want to share their experiences with each other.

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Whether you achieve amazing results or suffer a setback (because you cheated), sharing these with your fellow dieters enhances your joy or lessens your sorrow respectively. The popularity of this diet program makes it easy to find others who are starting out on this program or who were on this for a considerable time.

How do you find your fellow dieters? You can always get a group of HCG dieters at the doctor’s clinic where you all go to for medical guidance and counsel. However, the easiest, and popular, way to find such people is to go online and find a forum. As soon as you join such a forum, you find numerous people like you, in the same situations.

Why is sharing your triumphs and troubles helpful? Apart from the mental relief sharing gives you – this platform also has added advantages. As you can compare your success and setbacks with other people on the same diet program, it gives you a good idea about your own progress.

There are lots more you can share with your fellow dieters. Here is a quick look at some.

  • Suggest, or find suggestions, a good doctor to supervise the regimen
  • Exchange interesting recipes compatible to the diet
  • Get and give helpful tips
  • Discuss concerns
  • Help others starting out on the diet

And, apart from all these, find new friends belonging to different backgrounds, countries, and cultures, who are on their journey towards achieving the same goal – a new, thinner, active self.

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