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Obesity from Dr. Simeons point of view

Dr. A.T.W Simeons had been very clear in his approach to obesity. He cited three basic causes of obesity and most of the obese people have agreed to his opinion as well.

As per his observations the fundamental reasons of putting pounds of weight are: 1.physiological function 2. Compulsive eating and 3. Reluctance to lose weight

Physiological aspect of obesity: A lonely, unhappy person deprived of all mental peace and comfort is more prone to develop obesity than a normal human being.  It is a basic instinct that if you have pressures mounting up, it switches energy from one center to another leading you to develop obesity.

Compulsive eating: Don’t get it wrong that obese patients suffer from real compulsive eating habit. Rather it is the genuine torturing hunger that has nothing to do with compulsive eating. If you notice sudden desire for sweets, pastries and alcohol in them, it may be because of hunger only. In girls the symptom starts in their late teens or early twenties.

Majority of the patients do feel a feral desire to stuff like pounds of chocolates, cold, greasy foods from fridge, bread or any leftover. They can cram everything with terrific speed and velocity.

Reluctance to lose weight:

Agree or not, few patients are deeply attached to their fat and can’t put extra effort to loose it. It is not they are not intelligent, handicapped, it is because – they are reluctant to change their pattern. It is true that after weight loss, people look attractive for their figure.  But, sometimes, this becomes the reason of fear and jealousy. Some people think that reducing their cherished and intimate body part is not a good option. Most of these are psychological problems which need the best psychotherapy from good doctors.

One thing is really crucial; HCG patient should have an urge to loose weight. Otherwise, all the other efforts could go in vain.

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