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How to stay on very low calorie diet?

Many would think that diets deprive you of your favorite food. It seems being on a diet means your life is miserable. Wash off these old ideas and wear something new, productive. Maintaining low calorie diet is more of moderating your diet structure. You need to learn it and practice consistently.

Now you must be worried- how to go on low calorie diet? Is it something really difficult? Low calorie diet does not recommend that, you will sit down, eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and wait for the next day to come. No, it is not.

Low calorie diet

There are few easy factors for you to count on.  These are simple to try and help you achieve the scale also.

Buy portion control plate:

Measure out serving sizes. Unless the package direct you certain number, you have to measure the volume. Use portion plate to measure the exact amount scheduled for you.

Weigh your food:

Sometimes, measuring food through serving sizes becomes difficult. If you see the package says about 1 ounce serving size, you need to weigh it. Use digital weighing meter for the same.

Consider prepackaged food:

If it is your favorite snacks, buy it in single serving packages. It will ensure you are eating only one serving. If can’t measure like that, weigh it out.

Write down what you eat:

Though little surprising, it really works. Pen down everything you eat along with the amount of calories in each item. This will help you track down everything you eat. Review this once or twice in a month. You can also opt for calorie count book and great websites for references.

Make sure you eat sufficient:

Never be in an illusion that – more you feel hungry, more it is beneficial. It can hurt you in the long run. Better, you cut down your calorie intake to 500cal per day. Then your body will think that it is starving. This is acceptable than complete starvation.  Once your body muscles break down, you will eventually start loosing weight.

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