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Combating HCG diet plateau

What HCG diet plateau signifies to you? Are you in a fear of reaching this during your HCG diet plan? Don’t get alarmed when this happens as there are many strategies available to break out plateau quickly and easily.

Hcg diet plateau

Let’s understand what Plateau actually means. It is the trickiest obstacle you face when your day to day weight loss totally stops. Generally you should be loosing at least a half pound a day during HCG diet plan. This weight drop can be more sometimes from one day to the next. Eventually if you experience anytime that your weight does not change from one day to another you have hit a plateau.

Many people look this stability (lack of change) as a fluke as they see it for the first time first day. But this trend may remain unchanged after two days with no sign of progress. Depending on the individual it may take four to six days of time before someone realize that they are stuck with the weight loss plateau.

Hence it is really important you weigh yourself everyday and recognize the plateau before it appears.

Here are few simple exercises to combat an HCG diet plateau:

Vary your diet plan within the same day:

If you love eating chicken breast at every meal you are compromising with different kind of protein source. Try finding substitutes or different source of meal. For example with chicken breast you may include red meat for the same day meal. The same thing applies when you consume fruits and vegetables. Just alter it and see how the plateau starts moving off.

Increase the frequency of your bowl movements:

Infrequent bowel movements and constipation is the main cause of HCG weight loss plateau. You need to move your bowels at least once in a day during the protocol, even doing it for two to three times is always better. To accelerate the movement process you may add soluble fiber (psyllium powder) to a glass of water

Spend an apple day:

Consume six apples all in a day long. Drink as much less water you can so as to move your sludgy food once again. This physiological process works almost all the time. Because with the removal of excess food in a hurry you may see your weight dropping from two pounds to one pound the very next day

Eat enough:

Just eating less and less won’t help you much. You need to have at least 500-550 calorie intake per day to suffice your metabolism rate. So eat well to keep burning the abdominal fat from your body.

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