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Science Behind the Method – How HCG Diet Works

HCG diet has become very popular within the past few years because people have experienced significant weight lost following the HCG diet plan. This diet plan may seem to be a magic but it is actually based on the principles of endocrinology. The effectiveness of HCG in helping one to lose weight was discovered by Dr. Simeons almost sixty years ago. Just like other hormones, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin also regulates different physiologic processes. This hormone is usually produced in pregnant women. But this hormone has the ability to instruct the brain to utilize energy properly, which eventually results in weight loss.

HCG science

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Adipose: If you have already gathered information on HCG diet you must have come across the word Adipose. It refers to the excess fat deposit in human body. In case of men the excess fat is deposited around the abdomen and in case of women the excess fat is deposits in the thighs and hips.

Adipose is rich in energy but it is not utilized properly since this form of energy can be accessed readily. You can compare adipose with a gasoline can that has been left in your garage for years. After such a long time the gasoline will turn into gel. Now the gel is inflammable. But can you use it as motor fuel? The answer is no. The same is true for Adipose. It is like the gasoline gel that can not be utilized properly.

The function of HCG

Now you must be wondering how HCG can help one to utilize Adipose. Well, HCG diet actually performs two roles in the entire weight loss process. Firstly HCG breaks down Adipose into a much more utilizable form so that your body can use the adipose as a major source of energy. Secondly HCG controls the function of the brain to an extent and reprograms a gland called hypothalamus that governs metabolism in human body.

The combination of very low calorie diet and HCG injection will give you the desired result. However it is crucial that you consult a HCG diet physician instead of starting it your own. Follow the diet chart given by your physician along with the exercises he have suggested and you will notice a significant difference within a short span of time.

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