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HCG Diet Myths Busted

Obesity is not a standalone problem. It may give rise to other health issues, especially after you reach a certain age. You may have come across various weight loss programs and tried them – and the result is not commensurate to the effort you put in. HCG Diet may offer you an effective solution if this is what you face. HCG diet Myths

Numerous misconceptions abound regarding the HCG dietary program. Let’s examine three such ideas and separate the facts and the myths.

Myth 1: It does not cause weight loss. If you lose weight, you gain it back immediately after the end of the plan.

The fact is that you may achieve perceptible weight loss with this program. Numerous individuals have lost considerable amounts of fat with the proper use of this method. This is evident from the HCG Diet Reviews from actual users. You need to remember, however, that it is a complete plan and every single detail is important. If you follow the guidelines put down by your doctor, the results are more likely to show.

Myth 2: The ‘very low calorie diet’ does not provide enough nutrition.

Again, the fact differs from the idea. If you have a competent physician as your guide, he can give you the right dietary chart that you need to follow during the HCG program. This is made according to your nutritional needs. The aim of the program is to burn out the stored fat, without hampering the nutritional requirements of the body. This is why the no-carb, no-fat diet stresses on lean proteins.

Myth 3: There is waste of muscle mass.

This concept is also not right. From the beginning of the HCG dietary plan, the stress is on a low calorie diet so that the body fat, stored for future use, is used up. When you are going through the program, the diet plan is such that your body requires the stored fat to function well.

Whether you wish to achieve a perfect figure or just want to feel good, this dietary program may help to lose the flab.

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