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HCG diet – is it suitable for men

Do you think that the use of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) for weight loss is only for women? If yes, you need to get a better idea about this weight loss program. HCG diet works effectively for both men and women. Many have this misconception. Let’s get to the crux of the matter.

Hcg diet for men

How does the method work? The combined effects of HCG and a very low calorie diet is what this method incorporates. The low calorie diet aims at lessening carbohydrate and fat intake and stressing on lean protein, vitamins, and minerals. When your body requires more energy, it burns up the stored fat, i.e. the reserve, and you lose weight.

It is fast, easy and effective, and, therefore, popular!

Who can opt for it? Anyone who wants to lose weight is a suitable candidate. However, you need to remember that it is not a crash course – it is a complete program. You need to consult a HCG Diet Doctor before you start. Only a medical practitioner with experience in this dietary program can assess your health condition and advice accordingly.

Is it suitable for men? Yes. The method has the same effects on men and women. If you are afraid that the side effects of the diet would be more difficult to handle because you are a man, you are wrong. HCG is not a female hormone – it is present in all human beings. It only increases in levels in pregnant women.

The common side effects of HCG Diet are the same as those associated with any other dietary program. You may experience headache, fatigue, irritability, and so on. However, these side effects are of no consequence as they wear off after sometime as your body becomes accustomed to the regime.

Your doctor monitors your health condition throughout the weight loss program. He can easily adjust the HCG Prescription according to your particular needs. This way you can avoid any discomforting side effects. What you need is the able counsel of an experienced medical practitioner and you are set to shed off those extra pounds.

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