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Blogging my HCG diet experience

It is simply amazing to know how people have reacted with HCG diet experience. I am just 20 years of old and already put on 110 pounds. Before I started this HCG diet plan to loose my weight, I searched forums, blogs, many websites endlessly to know what other people are saying about it. I simply asked a question “If you deviate from the diet protocol a little bit, how it is going to affect you? Are you going to gain the weight back?”

HCGtruediet experience

Well, to start with my own case, I did not follow the program completely in the initial days. Though strict 500 calorie per day was the instruction, I never went below 700-900 calories each day, didn’t take approved food and used face creams, used lotions having oil components. On the whole the beginning was just a mess.

Now critics would say that without HCG protocol only, just by maintaining that calories input you can lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks. But it has proved wrong for me. I hope the same for others too.

Do you believe I could have ever maintained that weight loss goal without HCG? Simply impossible. In fact, the HCG diet plan prescribed by my doctor helped me to bring down my calories intake to 700-900 calories/day.

Moreover, previously with the foods from my own wish list, I never succeed to lose 2 pounds each week steadily. Now I am back on the track. My program was scheduled with 60 shots in 10 weeks. But somehow I have managed to just over 40 shots and started finding anticipated results.

Well, from some other HCG dieters reviews, I came to know that stopping HCG diet program may cause further gain of weight once you hit forties. Though you might have lost most of your body fat and living life with full of energy, you can’t postpone it for ever.

Whoever I found taking interest in HCG diet found more than one way it works. It keeps you disciplined in your food and eating habit, helps leading a healthy life style, improves social behavior and develops optimism within your character.

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