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What Does Fat Do In The Body?

Fat in body

Fat accumulation in body

Lumps of fat jutting out of the body through outer skin are called cellulose. Today, with a hectic life style, poor food habits and hardly anytime for exercise, there is a tendency towards getting high on cellulite. This is a fat that builds over many months and sometimes even years. At the micro level, fat has an essential role to play in the body but overall fat makes the body shrivel in different ways. It tosses the metabolism completely.

Fat is vicious for metabolism

Fats makes the metabolism think that a famine phase is going on and thus the body begins to store more fat for using it as energy on a later day. This is the first negative that comes out of fat storage. Next in line is the fact that it condenses the functionality of metabolism itself. With greater fat accumulation, the number of oxygen free radicals increase. This causes the body to beat the benefits of antioxidants and creates an environment for toxin accumulation. The area of the colon is deeply hurt and the layers of tar built up around colon take one away completely from the feeling of wellness.

Heart clogs of life-threatening nature

Fats are ill-conducive for heart. Fat works as cholesterol deposits there and makes it difficult for the arteries to perform well. This means that there is a greater chance of clogging and failure of heart or an attack to the heart. The same is true for kidney. Fat makes one more prone towards renal failure. It also brings one closer to the threat of diabetes.

Other debilities

Fat people are prone to debilitating attacks of physiological nature. There is so much that is compounded if you happen to be fat. Fat is also unhealthy for neurological progress.

HCG diets are manna from heaven

Thankfully, today we have HCG diets that allows one to be relieved about fat. HCG doctors Idaho is making sure that fat component is being met out in the best possible way. It has no side effect and the HCG prescriptions are based on homeopathy.

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