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What Are People Saying About the HCG DIET?

Every few months, media hails a particular diet as ‘the’ diet that will get the results that overweight people have always wanted without having to slog out for hours at the gym. Though most of these turn out to be fad diets that ban certain food types from the diet chart so as to shock the body into burning the stored fat cells, HCG Diet is miles apart from these.

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HCG diet and the public talks

This diet uses a rare combination of intravenous HCG administration and a very low calorie intake (500 calories) to increase the metabolism rate of the body and consequently burns stored fat to provide energy. Two of the most frequently asked questions about HCG Diets and their answers are given below.

How effective are HCG weight loss programs?

HCG diet has worked wonders for both men and women who have been troubled with weight issues for a long time. It is extremely safe and can help in losing as much as 1 pound per day that occurs due to burning of adipose fat tissue. You can increase or accelerate this weight loss by including fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

As this diet program lasts for a maximum of 43 days for most people, one can expect to lose up to 40 pounds by the end of the diet. Moreover, following the HCG diet program helps dieters adopt healthy eating habits that enable them keep off this weight even after they stop taking HCG shots.

How safe is HCG Diet?

Though HCG injections can be used by almost anyone except pregnant or nursing women, it is highly recommended that you get a few routine blood tests to ensure that your body does not react adversely to the hormone. Some people experience minor headaches in the first few days of taking these shots. However, this is pretty normal.

Since HCG is best known as a naturally occurring hormone found in pregnant women, there is a common misconception among many people that HCG diet is not meant for males. However, a small amount of this hormone is present in every human tissue including men and non-pregnant females.

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