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Why you need a doctor’s supervision on an HCG Diet

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Weight loss methods are available in abundance. Some are easy to follow while others are quite cumbersome. Some require medical supervision, others don’t. Though the concept of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) for reducing body fat was discovered as early as 1954, it is only in recent times that it achieved popularity.

If you are considering doing an HCG Diet, consider doing it in a safe yet successful manner with the HCG True Diet program. Doing a very low calorie diet can cause potential problems and thus, this is a highly specialized method and requires proper medical supervision. Only a competent physician, such as an Associate of the HCG True Diet, who is thoroughly familiar with the program, is capable of providing that kind of guidance. You need to locate one of these medical practitioners proficient in the program practicing in your vicinity.

The initial step is to conduct a thorough checkup of the individual’s physical and mental well being. This includes an EKG and lab work. It is based on the results of this examination that your HCG physician helps you decide whether the program is suitable for you or not. He/she will need to know about your past medical history, whether you’re on any drugs that might cause a problem while on the program, and set up adequate follow-ups with you.

Your doctor can order the right dose, dosing method and frequency at which HCG is to be administered. It is essential to get Prescription HCG only. HCG is a drug that requires a prescription from a doctor to obtain it. The use of HCG in a diet program is called an off-label use of HCG and this should be discussed with your physician before you start the program.

You may see commercials for HCG drops sold without a prescription. These products are what we call homeopathic HCG. This is not a safe practice. Homeopathic HCG drops are diluted and watered down HCG solutions that contain very little HCG. Many people go into conservation mode and don’t do well with these, plus they’re not monitored at all. Plus, doing the program without adequate supervision could result in electrolyte and/or nutritional deficiencies. Only your doctor knows how well, or worse, the effects would be on your body and he/she can monitor you through blood tests and evaluations throughout the program.

The introduction of the hormone in the human body is not enough to lose weight. You also need to eat a very low calorie diet along with it. During this phase, your daily calorie intake must not exceed 500 calories. This is a specific diet prescribed only by a HCG True Diet Associate physician and must be adhered to for adequate success.

There may be certain side effects when you use this method, such as electrolyte deficiencies or blood sugar problems. Monitoring by a trained physician will help prevent these from occurring, or at least minimize them. You also need to understand that, like every other weight loss program, this also requires patience and persistence – patience to get perceptible results and persistence to continue with the program.

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