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HCG – Enhancing the Metabolic Fare

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HCG has brought about a new and pretty gallant episode in the history of weight loss. It is a hormone that is present in pregnant women. It is a “controlling” hormone that gives ample energy both to the fetus and the mother by converting fat into energy during times of low food intake. We use this power of HCG combined with a special very low calorie diet to give our fat-stricken society a method to reduce their weight.

How does it do this without the person starving? Normally, without HCG, a very low calorie diet pushed you into conservation mode. Most people thus feel tired and sluggish. They develop a ferocious appetite, eat and fail. Two problems develop from this: they don’t lose much weight because the body holds on to the fat to “conserve” it, and they most likely end up gaining even more weight when they bounce pack.

When you add HCG to the very low calorie diet, your body goes into “save the baby” mode and it forces your metabolism to change and pull the calories from those abnormal fat stores that you want to reduce. With doctors’ supervision, it can be done safely to lose the weight without potential problems. Electrolyte and nutritional deficiencies can occur that may need to be addressed. Certain patients with medical problems need to potentially have their medications changed. This way the HCG True Diet can help you lose the weight rapidly yet in a safe fashion.

Although the HCG True Diet is not a panacea for weight reduction, it does teach lifestyle changes during the program that you can be good habits for your life. How much is the HCG diet? For sure, it is less than the cost of inaction to lose weight. Being overweight increases your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other medical conditions, which are expensive to manage, but also decrease your quality of life.

The HCG True Diet is laced with all the wherewithal required for starting the process but only a guidebook is not enough. There has to be the supervision of a trained physician who can monitor you and your safety throughout the program. Find one close to you at www.hcgtruediet.com .

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