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HCG Diets – Triumphing Over a Being Overweight

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You may have tried to lose weight if you are overweight. You probably have tried multiple diet programs with minimal long term success, such as the Mediterranean diet, the South Beach diet, Weight Watchers and the Atkins diet but you just can’t seem to get the weight off. We have a solution that might help you lose those extra pounds rapidly with concurrent lifestyle changes resulting in the motivation to persevere.

We are talking about the HCG True Diet. It is a physician supervised program to ensure your safety while doing a very low calorie diet, coupled with a prescription dose of HCG. This is not the homeopathic HCG that you can buy over the internet or through unknowledgeable physicians, nurses and assistants.

The HCG True Diet combines this prescription grade HCG which allows you to experience the magical effects of this pregnancy hormone. Over the counter HCG drops do not deliver enough HCG to make these changes. In fact, most are essentially water since any HCG would have been diluted many times, thus homeopathic HCG.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone found in pregnant women. It is considered one of the “controlling” hormones and controls your body to convert fat into energy for the fetus. However, in your body (as long as you’re not pregnant), you get to use these energy units. Thus, you feel fine yet are only eating 500 calories a day.

Adequate levels of HCG may result in fat reduction in both men and women. Men often show a little cynicism in using the drug claiming that it might bring man boobs in them and also a few secondary sexual characteristics. However, this is all theoretical thought as such low level of HCG diets can bring nothing except beneficial facets of weight reduction and heightened energy levels.

HCG True Diet is a medically supervised HCG Diet program that helps ensure your safety while doing the program. Your HCG True Diet Associate Physician can prescribe an adequate dose of HCG which may beautifully creates a metabolic flourish.

This pregnancy hormone is FDA approved for the purpose of fertility and tumor marking. We use its power as a weight loss aid as an off-label use. Together with a very low calorie diet, it may shed the fat rapidly and give you that motivation to become thinner. If you follow the HCG True Diet plan, you may also develop new lifestyle changes that can help you continue to maintain your weight long term.

HCG diets shall only be taken after due consultation with your doctor. You should consult a physician who is knowledgeable about the potential problems that can be associated with a very low calorie diet. Find an HCG True Diet Associate Physician today at www.hcgtruediet.com

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