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Dr. Robert True

Dr. Robert True

Yesterday, February 2nd, 2010, Dr. Robert True gave a speech at a local charity event about the HCG True Diet. This fund raising event was for the Wish for Wings program, which is to help children with debilitating diseases and/or cancer to have a chance at fulfilling their wishes. A brief video presentation about the affected children was given and an encouragement to support this foundation was done. Next the guest speakers gave interesting presentations on their respective expertise lectures.

The first was Dr. Scott Peterson who discussed how dental implants and cosmetic dental procedures can give you designer smiles for a lifetime. Next was a presentation by Dave Fannin from The Body Firm fitness centerwho discussed the 5 keys to transforming your body quickly through a program of exercise and nutritional diet. The last speaker was Steve Thornton with Thornton Wealth Management who discussed the 7 secrets to making your money work for you for a healthier financial future.

Dr. True discussed how HCG has the power to change one’s metabolism. His diet combined with a special 500 calorie a day diet help people lose weight rapidly and feel fine while losing it. HCG is the pregnancy hormone and when your body senses the presence of HCG, your metabolism changes to bring in calories from your fat. Wehn you combine HCG with a low calorie diet, you thus feel fine and have less hunger while doing the program. Most people lose and average of 20 pounds during the 12 week course, most of which is lost during the first 6 weeks of the program. It is not uncommon to lose 30 to 40 pounds during this period for results vary. A transition program is done the second 6 weeks to a regular diet with continuation of the lifestyle behaviors that are done throughout the program.

The HCG True Diet is a unique program that works through a different mechanism than traditional diet programs which rely on just proper exercise and diet. The final result is that almost everyone who does the program is happy about it, are pleased with the weight they lose, and they refer others to the program due to its success. If you want to learn more, check his website at http://www.hcgtruediet.com/ or come in for a consultation.

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